Sociology and Psychology are closely related with each other. Both are interrelated and inter-dependent. Psychology is concerned with the exploration of the depth of man’s mind and behavior in society. It is said that psychology shows the significance of the relationship between the organism (individual) and environment and the response of the former to the latter. It is defined as “the study of man’s mental life and behavior”. It is the science of mind of mental processes.

The aim of psychology is to arrive at the laws of mental life and behavior of human beings. Sociology, on the other hand is the study of society. It studies man’s social relationships. In the words of Thouless, psychology is the positive science of human experience and behavior.

Thus, sociology studies society where as psychology is concerned with human behavior, So there are resemblances between psychology and sociology. Both are regarded as positive science. These two disciplines have a great deal in common and are inter-related. It is difficult to understand the inter-relations and the activities of human beings; without an adequate knowledge of human psychology. In the same way, many truths of psychology would remain unintelligible without a comprehensive idea about social relationships, behavior and activities.

There is no gain saying the fact that psychology trends support to sociology and the help sociology extends to psychology, is by no means insignificant. In other words they depend on each other for their existence. In this way, both psychology and sociology are deeply related to each other.


Differences between Sociology and Psychology

Although the two disciplines are inter-dependent, they differ from each other in certain respects.

1. Psychology is concerned with the human mind whereas sociology is concerned with as a whole.

2. The methods used by sociology and psychology are not identical. Both disciplines therefore, differ from each other in respect of methods.


3. The psychologist focuses his attention on the individual while the sociologist is pre-occupied with society as a whole. Therefore, the individual is regarded as the unit of psychology and society is regarded as the unit of sociology.