Man is a social animal. He does not live in isolation. His daily life is made up largely of participating in groups. So, men everywhere live in groups, such as family, clan, tribe, community etc. Besides it, people form group consciously to satisfy various needs. So they live in group, natural and artificial. In short, a social group in an aggregation of individuals in which:

a) Definite relations exist between individuals composing it and

b) Each individual is conscious of the group itself and its symbols. Viewed in this way, family, village, school, nation, political party or trade union etc. are some of examples of groups.



Maclver and page:

“A group is any collection of human beings who are brought into social relationships with one another”.


“A group is an aggregate of individuals which persists in time, which has one or more interests, and activities in common and which is organised”.


Ogburn and Nimkoff:

“Whenever two or more individuals come together and influence one another, they may be said to constitute social group

E.S. Bogardus:

“A group is a number of persons, two or more, who have common objects of attention, who are stimulating to each other, who have common loyalty and participate in similar activities.”


Horton and Hunt:

“Groups are aggregates or categories of people who have a consciousness of membership and of interaction”.