Man cannot live alone. He is related in many ways to his fellows to form a group. But it is not possible for man to become the member of all groups. He establishes relations only with those people who reside near him in a definite locality. It is natural that people who reside in a particular area for a considerable length of time develop social likeness among themselves. They develop common social ideas, common traditions and customs, sense of belonging together. This fact of social living and common specific area gives birth to community.

Definition of Community:

E. S. Bogardus:

Community is “a social group with some degree of “we-feeling” and living in a given area”.


2) Lundberg:

Community is a “human population living within a limited geographical area and carrying on a common interdependent life”.

3) K. Davis:

Community is “the smallest territorial group that can embrace all aspects of social


4) Ogburn and Nimkoff:

Community is “the total organisation of social life with a limited area “.

5) Talcott Parsons:

“A community is that collectivity the members of which share a common territorial area as their base of operation for daily activities”.


6) Maclver and Page:

“Whenever the member of any group small or large live together in such a way that they share, not this or that particular interest but the conditions of a common life, we call that group a community.

So, Community is a group of people living together and leading a common life in a definite geographical area. It is marked by some degree of social coherence. A village, a tribal, and a city, are some examples of community.