What are the different forms of competition found in Social Life ?


Competition can be divided into many categories. They are discussed below:

1. Social Competition:

People always compete to achieve higher status and position. This kind of competition i am known as social competition which is mostly observed in open societies.


2. Economic Competition:

This type of competition is found in the process of production, consumption and distribution of goods. People always struggle for higher standard of living. Economic competition can be observed at the individual as well as group level. This type of competition is on the i increase in modern times.

3. Political Competition:

Political competition takes place in the political field. Such type of competition is very much pronounced in the modern world. Political parties are always engaged in competition to I capture power. Even, on the international level there is keen competition between nations.


4. Cultural Competition:

Cultural competition takes place between two or more cultural groups. It occurs when one cultural groups tries to establish supremacy over the other. This kind of competition depends upon cultural differences. Competition between the Aryans and the Dravidians, the Indians and the British can be cited as examples.

5. Racial competition:

Racial competition is found among the different races of the world. These races try to establish their supremacy over the others. Owing to this reason, the entire human society is I based on racial divisions. The competition between the white and Black in South Africa provides a very bright example of racial competition.

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