In spite of many similarities both sociology and political science differs from each other.

They are discussed below:-

1) Sociology is the science of society, whereas political science is the science of state. Political science is more specialised than sociology.

2) Scope of sociology is very wide, whereas political science has a narrow scope.


3) Sociology studies man as a social animal, political science studies man as a political animal.

4) Sociology studies all kinds of societies, both organised and unorganised. Political science studies politically organised societies.

5) Sociology is a general social science, political sciences is a special social science. Sociology studies all kind of social relations is a general way. Political science studies only these relations which are political in character.

6) Sociology is a positive science. It always deals with facts about society. It always says, “What is” rather than “what it ought to be”. Political science is concerned with what ought to happen. It often states that what the state should do for its citizens.


7) Sociology is quite young .It is not even two centuries old. Political science is an older science. It is has centuries of history from the days of Plato and Cicero.