The Factors Responsible for Gradual Disappearance of the Joint Family System.


A few important factors responsible for the disintegration of the joint family system are:

(a) Development of industries and mechanization of agriculture Due to mechanization only a few people are required to work in the fields. As a result, people take jobs in industries and factories in distant places, lead­ing to the disintegration of joint families.

(b) Developed means of transport and communication People can easily mi­grate from villages to towns in search of occupation. If at all they live in the same village, they follow a different trade from that of the family and establish a new home.


(c) Decline of village trade and handicrafts this has forced the village crafts­men to close down and the workers have been compelled to move towards the towns and cities.

(d) Westernization People like the western lifestyle of living independently.

(e) Social awareness among women Spread of education has increased the social awareness among women. Women have become conscious of their rights and have started asserting their viewpoints. No longer do they want to be subordinated and relegated to a secondary role. This feeling too disintegrated the joint family.

(f) The ills of the joint family system the non-congenial atmosphere, denial of privacy, litigation and quarrels all led to the breakdown of the joint family system.

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