Relationship between Sociology and Anthropology?


The relation between Sociology and Anthropology is widely recognised today. In fact, anthropologist Kroeber pointed out that the two sciences are ‘twin sisters’. Anthropology is general science like Sociology. The word ‘anthropology’ is derived from two Greek words ‘Anthropos’ meaning ‘man’ and ‘logos’ meaning ‘study’. Thus, etymological meaning of ‘Anthropology’ is the study of man.

Anthropology seems to be the broadest of all the social sciences. It studies man both as a member of the animal kingdom and as a member of society. It studies biological as well as cultural developments of man. Sociology is greatly benefitted by Anthropology. Sociological topics like family, marriage, property, religion etc. can be better understood in the light of Anthropology. Further, Sociology has borrowed many concepts like cultural area, cultural traits, cultural lag etc. from Socio-cultural Anthropology.

Sociology and Anthropology are in their broadest sense one and the same. Sociology borrows from Anthopology and Anthropology borrows from Sociology. Both are so closely related that it is difficult to distinguish them from each other. Both are fast growing. Hence, both Sociology and Anthropology are complementary and supplementary to each other.

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