Relationship between Pure Science and Pure Sociology!

Pure science is a search for knowledge, without primary concern for its practical use. Knowledge for knowledge sake is the main aim of a pure scientist. Scientists, who seek knowledge for its own sake, no more moved by the question of its utility like the mother and the father who protect and nourish their children without expecting anything in return.

Parents commonly love their children without calculating their usefulness. Many students/researchers of science feel much the same thing about their work. Pure sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Physiology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology etc.) are concerned with the advancement of knowledge.

Their main aim is to investigate the underlying principles of the natural and social world which sustain and change the natural and social order. They are not concerned with the practical application of their results or curing the immediate ills of our natural or social order. The goal of each natural science, including sociology, is the formulation of scientific laws.


Sociology is a pure science, not an applied one. The immediate goal of sociology is the acquisition of knowledge about human society, not the utilisation of that knowledge. According to Lester F. Ward (1841-1913), a pioneer sociologist of America, the main aim of pure sociology is “to investigate fundamental rules of social structure and social change”.