What are the factors that favors assimilation ?


(1) Toleration

Assimilation is possible only when individuals and groups are tolerant towards the cultural differences of others. Tolerance helps people to come together, to develop contacts towards to participate in common social and cultural activities. When the majority group or the dominant group itself is secure, hospitable and tolerant towards differences, the immigrant groups or minority groups have a greater opportunity to join and to participate in the total community life.

(2) Intimate social relationships

Assimilation is the final product of social contacts. The relative speed in which it is achieved depends on the nature of the contacts. It takes place naturally and quickly in primary groups such as family and friendship groups”. On the contrary, where contacts are secondary, that is indirect, impersonal and superficial assimilation is slow to take place.

(3) Amalgamation or intermarriage

A factor which helps complete assimilation is amalgamation which refers to the intermarriage of different groups. Without biological amalgamation complete assimilation is not possible. Mere intermixture of the groups to a limited degree does not guarantee assimilation. But intermarriage must be accepted in the mores and become a part of the institutional structure, before assimilation exists.

(4) Cultural similarity


If there are striking similarities between the main constituents of culture of groups assimilation is quick to take place. In America, for example – English speaking Protestants are assimilated with greater speed than non-Christians who do not speak English.

(5) Education

Education is another conducive factor for assimilation. For immigrant people public education has played a prominent role in providing cultural contact. Maurice R. Davis has pointed out in his “World Immigration” that in America the public school has been playing the Vital role in the process of Americanising the children of foreign-born parents.

(6) Equal social and economic opportunity

Public education alone is not enough. People of all groups must have equal access to socio-economic opportunities. Only then, they can come closer and establish relations among themselves with mutual trust. As it has been observed in the case of America full assimilation is possible only when full participation in social, cultural and economic life is allowed.

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