9 most important characteristics of an Institution


The following characteristics of institution may be described here:

1) Institutions are the means of controlling individuals. It regulates the conduct of people in society.

2) Institutions depend upon the collective activities of the people.


3) Every institution has got a symbol, which may be material or non-material.

4) Every institution has some rules which must be compulsory obeyed by individuals. Institutions like religion, law, legislation etc., control the behavior of people.

5) The institution has definite procedures, which are formed on the basis of customs and dogmas. They prescribe the way of doing things. A marriage as an institution governs the relations between the husband and wife.

6) Institutions are more stable than other means of social control. They do not undergo rapid changes. Many institutions are rigid. So, institutions are relatively permanent. It


Lasts a generation or more.

7) Institutions are formed to satisfy the primary needs of men. They have one or more clear-cut aim and objectives.

8) Institutions are abstract. They are not external, visible or tangible things.

9) Institutions are universal; they exist in all societies and existed at all the stages of social development.


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