Casteism is very harmful for both the individual and the society. Though it is very beneficial for only a few persons, yet it stands as a constant enemy against the development of the nation. It hinders the entire progress of the country at large. The more evil effects of casteism are as follows.

1) Hindrances to nationality:

Casteism is very harmful for a proper and healthy growth of nationality. On the one hand, it divides the whole population of the country into innumerable fractions while on the other hand; it creates a feeling of hatred among the members of different castes.

Thus, casteism formed a hot atmosphere in which castes and sub-castes are always engaged in conflict and tension. This situation, no doubt, spoiled the entire development of the country. Thus, casteism hinders our national unity and integrity to a great extent.


2) Stumbling block in National Integration:

Casteism is a stumbling block in the way of national integration from fanatic angle, casteism may be considered as a good system, but from the national standpoint it is as dangerous as communalism. Casteism violates the fundamental principles of national integration. It creates social inequality between the caste which hinders the very unity and integrity of the nation.

3) Dangerous for Democracy:

Casteism and democracy are the two opposite concepts. Democracy is a government in which all participate actively irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Equality, liberty, fraternity are the main themes of democracy, but casteism is far away from those principles. It is a symbol of undemocratic and inhuman thought. In the present democratic age it has become a general tendency of many professional politicians to widen the gulf between different castes and then to take privilege of it.


The representative who are elected on the basis of caste do not care a bit for the nation and always put the interest of their own caste avoiding the national interest. K.M. Panikkar in this context says “in fact no organisation of society of the basis of equality is possible so long as the castes and the joint family exist.”

4) Degeneration of Human Morality:

While motivating by the sense of casteism deeply, people try to provide all kinds of facilities to the members who belong to their own castes and indulging in all kinds of immortal and in human activities. As a consequence, extreme corruption in the society is increasing which degenerated human values.

5) Hindrance to technical efficiency:


Due to the reservation policy of the Government, the appointment is done on the basis of caste. But in actual practice it is found that the persons who are appointed in various sectors have no adequate skill and ability. On the other hand, persons with adequate skill and capacity remain unemployed. All this result in failure in the administration slow speed of industrial production, no inventions and discoveries and other developmental activities.