Indian population in general, however, depicts the presence of some moral racial strains besides the above four. These are: Mediterranean races including Alpine, Dinaric and Armenian. Alpine are found in Gujrat, Dinaric in Orissa,, Kathiawar, Kannada and Tamil region. Armenian element is present among the Parasees of Bombay.

Another important race found in India is Indo-Aryan whose one branch is the Nordic race. Aryans are said to have come to India in 1500 B.C. established in Indo-Gangetic plains and then spread throughout the country. They created what is known as Vedic culture and civilization. According to Max Mullar, Aryans came from central Asia. According to B.G.

Tilak they were inhabitants of North Pole which was formerly some where near Orissa. According to Cambridge History of India by Guiles, the Aryans came to India from central Europe. Most of the western scholars have supported this view.

According to B.S. Guha, the population of Northern India depicts the racial strains of Alpine, Dinaric, Armenian, Nordic and Mongol races. According to Risley the racial strain in the population of north India are: Turko Iranian, Indo Aryan, Scytho Dravidian and Aryo-Dravidian. In the end it should be remembered that there is no unanimity of views on this issue since different races have so much inter mixed that it is not easy to trace their original strains in India.


Man was born in Indian continent about 500,000 years back. Since then so many races continued to come to this land.

Therefore India is almost a museum of races. One may find broad heads from Bilochistan to Burma. On the western coast from Gujrat to Coorg one may find Alpine traits. Cranial index in India is 78.98 in Bengal, 74.9 in Nagpur, 75.7 in Bihar, 77.31 in Orissa, 80.27 in Gujrat, and 77.59 in Maharashtra.

Nasal index varies as follows: 80.0 in Bihar 87.4 in Chota Nagpur, 78.7 in Bengal, 82.7 in Darjeeling and 70.2 in Punjab. The average height is the maximum in Punjab and has gradually diminished upto Assam. In centimeter it is 168.4 in Punjab, 165.5 in Uttar Pradesh, 164.04 in Bihar, 163.0 in Bengal and 161.05 in Assam.

The average height in Andaman Island is 4′ 10.” The colour of the skin varies from reddish white of Kashmiris to shining black of t he Dravidians and yellow and whitish in Uttar Pradesh.


It is clear from the above description that Indian population depicts almost all varieties of racial characteristics since almost every race came to this most ancient and, mixed with local population and this left its influence.