If a person sets out to travel or starts some pious task, then the following signs are deemed by him as those of bad omen:

1. Empty Pitcher:

If a water bearer meets the person with an empty pitcher, it is deemed an ill omen for the person who comes aero her.

2. A Casket Full of Fuel:


If someone having a casket (full of fuel) comes across the person, then it is deemed the sign of bad omen for that person.

3. Black Cat:

If a black cat crosses a person from his right to hi left, then it is deemed a bad omen for that persons.

4. Sneezing:


If a pious task is about to be done or being undertaken, then sneezing by anyone is not deemed a good sign.

5. Meeting with a black Brahmin:

If the person comes across a black Brahmin, then this is deemed the sign of a bad omen for that person.

6. Coming across a Pig:


This is also the sign of a bad omen in Haryana.

7. Wailing of Jackals in the Cremation Ground:

This is a premonition for death of someone in the colony. Even otherwise, a wailing jackal is deemed a bad omen.

8. Wailing of Dog:


This is deemed the premonition of a tragedy that may strike the area in the time of come.