The following signs are of good omen whenever someone is about to start a piece of work or set out for a journey:

1. A pitcher full of water:

If a water carrier is spotted and she has a pitcher full of water, then it is deemed a good omen.

2. A sweeper with a broom:


If a black-coloured sweeper (with across the person on his way, it is deemed a good sign or omen for that person.

3. Gau Darshan:

If a cow is spotted in the morning, then it is deemed a good orti^n.

4. Curd or Silv8lc.Coin:


If any one of these is spotted, then this is a sign of good omen.

5. Deer spotting:

If a deer comes from left to right of the person while he is going on a foreign tour, then this is good for that person.

6. Scratching on the Palm:


If there is irritation/scratching on the left palm of the woman or the right palm of the man, then it is a sign of possibility of receiving money.

7. Pulsation of an Eye:

If the right eye of the male or the left eye the female is pulsating, then it is deemed a good omen.

8. Call of the Crow:


If a crow calls on the wall or entrance door of the home, then it is assumed that a guest is about to arrive.

9. Bending of the Chapati:

It is also a premonition of the arrival of a guest.

10. Bathing of a Sparrow in the Sand:


This indicates that rains are about to arrive in the area.

11. A sleeper/shoe on Another:

This indicates that the owner of those sleepers/shoes may have to undertake a long journey.

12. Scratching of Foot:


It also indicates that the concerned personal may have to travel.

13. Sight of a Married Women:

This is a good omen.

14. Sight of Neelkanth:

It is deemed very auspicious. If a neelkant is spotted on the day of the Dussehra, then the person is deemed] absolved from all the sins.

15. View of the Green Grass:

If a person sees a green grass upon getting up from the bed in the morning, he can hope to spend the entire day in great comfort.

16. Sight of one’s Own Hand:

If a person views his own hand (anjali) when he gets up in the morning (without looking at any other person’s face), then it is deemed a good sign/omen.

17. Sight of a Brahmin Girl:

If a Brahmin’s girl is spotted by a person early in the morning, then it is a good omen for the person.

18. Coming Across a water Bearer (Bhishti):

If a bhishti, carrying a sack full of water is spotted, then it is deemed very much auspicious.