A village market is a temporary center for buying and seeing goods to fulfill the need of the locality. Permanent market is seen in town areas. But in village area, people do all kinds of shopping in weekly market. A village market may be either daily or weekly.

A village market is held in an open place. The place has road-links with the main road. So that it is easy for the businessmen to carry their goods for selling at this place. The market plate is either on the bank of a river or a big pond. Temporary sheds are made with straw and bamboo to protect the sellers from heat and rain. The village market is often a source of good revenue for the Panchayat.

In the market there are different rows of sheds. Food grains such as rice, dal, wheat, etc. are sold in one row. Vegetables are sold in another row. Fish, meat and dried fish are sold in a different row. Domestic materials, utensils, bangles, cloths and stationeries are sold in different stalls .which stand in a special row. There are a few tea stalls.

There are tailors who temporarily set up the tailoring machines to make new bags and to repair old bags. People who come to the market often buy new bags and repair their old ones. The buyers move inside the market comfortably.


The village market is a convenient place for the local vegetable producers. They sell their agricultural products in this market. People thus save their time and money and get their desired goods in this village market. Very often, a dirty atmosphere develops in the market due to the dumping of rotten vegetables and fruits. People coming to the village market often face the crisis of drinking water.