It is said that a faithful friend is the medicine of life. A true friend detects faults in our character and gives suggestions to correct th6se faults. He also admires us and sings high of our virtues. Dipun is my true friend. I like him very much. He is my class-mate.

Dipun belongs to a village on the bank of the river Brahmin. There is no High School in his village. So he stays with us and reads in the High School in our village. We read together.

Both of us have many things in common. His father is a farmer. My father is also a farmer. He is the second son in his family. I am also the second son in my family. Most outstanding fact is that we both are born on the same day, month and year. Probably for this reason we have become very intimate to each other.

I like Dipun’s way of life. He is a simple boy. He is also hard working. He wakes up early in the morning. He also makes me get up early. He says that early rising allows ample time for our daily routine and also for rest.


Dipun reads well. He is a good debater. He is very free and frank. If he notices any fault with me, he bravely exposes it. One day I did not attend the science class. He marked it and informed it to our teacher in school and also to my father at home. I was scolded that day. At first I misunderstood him. But at night, Dipun explained that he did it for my benefit.

On another occasion, I fell ill and could not go to school for three weeks. The terminal examination was knocking at the door. I was very worried. But Dipun nursed me as a blood related brother. When I got over, he spent a lot of time for explaining me some important chapters in Mathematics, English and Science.

Dipun respects my parents and my elder brother too. Everybody in our family likes him for his modesty. Whenever I go to his house, I also enjoy unmixed love and affection of his parents.