My ambition is to become a judge in the Supreme Court of India. My ambition is based on the belief and presumption that judges were honest, disciplined and unbiased.

If my dream turns into a reality some day, I could do a lot to improve the standard of justice. If I were a judge, I would try to clean the Augustan stables, and the maneuvers of any kind. This is, of course, a very high stake. Whenever I browse through newspapers, I come across million of cases trailing in the courts of law, at various stages, which could take some three centuries to be cleared, unless there were no more additions to the existing cases.

Is this not ridiculous? Is it not a farce to believe these cases be tide over in three centuries? Could the litigants remain alive to hear the verdicts? Could there be any additions? I personally feel the people whose cases could have taken at least five births would thus be advisable to scrap them and start afresh. I wonder what our judiciary will be doing to remove the malaise.

The judiciary is just busy cleaning the wings-the Executive and the Legislature- the two branches of the government. When will the reform takes place?


If I were a judge, I would first try to clean my own house. The load of old cases, which could not be carried any more, would be my first priority. What I would do, is to finish or scrap the very old cases, in which the people concerned may have already died. After ensuring such decrease in their number, I could establish some special courts to clear the cases, as quickly as possible. I would then inculcate some sort of discipline, honesty, and work culture in the system of judiciary.