Civilization means outward progress whereas culture means inward perfection. We may be civilized today but we are not cultured. We have trains, aeroplanes, atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, sputniks, ships, factories and steel mills.

This is advancement on the road of materialism but we have lost our finer emotions. We have lost spirituality, we have lost our soul. Man has become a machine. He is today soulless. He has become a worshipper of mammon.

Civilization has made us dull in our finer feelings. It has plucked mystery and romance out of the heart of nature and destroyed her beauty and magic. When an uncivilized man beheld a rainbow in the sky, he felt a thrill of joy.

His heart leapt up. But to a civilized man with a scientific outlook, a rainbow is nothing but a refraction of the rays of the sun through drops of water and no cause for the dancing of the heart. Civilization has made us forget that man does not live by bread alone.


It has made us forget ‘love thy neighbour’. We have banished from our hearts hospitality, brotherhood, religion and charity. Our hearts are no longer full of the milk of human kindness.

Civilization has placed unlimited power in the hands of man. He has become a brute. His heart is devoid of love and mercy. With a single atom or hydrogen bomb, he can rain death and destruction on millions of innocent creatures of God.

He has no compunction of the soul. He has become mad in the race for armaments. He is stock­ing atom and hydrogen bombs. He is out to kill humanity. He is out to kill himself with his own hands. He has reduced himself to an insignificant victim of the action of electrons and protons.

No doubt civilization has raised our standard of living. It has correspondingly raised the per capita expenditure. It has in its turn led to the urge of adding to our income by fair means or foul. Day and night, we are busy getting and spending. We have no time to care for our soul. We have no leisure to care for the higher things of life. The artistic and cultural values of life have been thrown to the winds.


In short, civilization has tuned man into a brute. It has made him Godless.