There are six seasons in-a year. Winter is one of them. It is felt in India from the month of November till the end of February. It covers the two months named Pausha and Magha as per the Oriya Calendar. Normally, the days are short and nights are long in this season.

The winter scene is quite interesting. In the morning the sky remains foggy. There is also cold. Wind blows from the north. The sun appears very late in the morning. The sun light is also not hot. The weather is quite pleasant.

In any other season we become tired very soon if we do any work. But in winter we do not get tired easily. The village life is very dull in this season. Due to extreme cold people do not like to come out of their houses before sunrise. People often light fires both in the morning and in the evening and gather round the fires in order to get-warmth.

In town areas, cloth merchants display varieties of woolen clothes in their shops. People buy blankets, sweaters, mufflers, gloves, and monkey caps, etc. in order to protect their body from chilly winter. Although the rich can fight the cold in this season, the poor face enormous difficulty. They have no warm dresses. Their houses are also exposed to winter wind. So they suffer more than the rich.


Apart from it, we get varieties of vegetables, such as peas, brinjals, beans, cauliflowers and cabbages. Some fruits such as guavas and oranges are available in large quantity in this season. The people in Orissa celebrate the Samba Dasami festival in this season.

The Winter Season is a preparatory season for the spring. Therefore, it is said, “if winter comes can spring be far behind meaning?”