Short Essay on Walking Tour



Tour means to travel round. Different people make different tour for different purposes. Hence, we here the names like touring officer, touring court, touring cinema and so on. Some people tour by train or bus. Some tour by motorcars, some by bicycles. But there are some who like tour on foot. Their tour is the walking tour.

Who Like to Take Walking Tour?


There are classes of people called tourists. Some of them do not like the artificial conveyance. They love to mix with the nature. So, they like to tour by walking. Some people tour by walking to satisfy their nature of work. Once Gandhiji had a walking tour all over India, in order to get an accurate idea about the condition of Indian mass at large. If we see, we can record some adventurous young tourists who have walked the whole world on their feet.

Advantages of Walking Tour:

Walking tour is useful in many aspects. It is a source of health and happiness. Man gets inspiration directly from the nature. He enjoys a kind of divine feeling. He move through the beauty of God’s creations. Walking is the most natural and healthy kind of travel. Man had been walking all the time till he invented his ‘first conveyance’.

Disadvantages of Walking Tour:


Walking tour is time-taking, no doubt. This is the main disadvantage within it. On a walking tour, man cannot take most of his necessary things for fear of heat and loads of luggages with him.


In ancient times, Great Scientists like Hentasang and Fahein took on a walking tour. Even now, there are people who like to tour on walking. However, we should not take conveyances to where to tour by walking will serve our purposes better.




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