Laboratory experiments have shown that vitamin E deficiency causes sterility in the animals. The damage is permanent in the case of males whereas the females usually recover after they are given Vitamin E in their diet.

Vitamin E has been found in all the tissues of the body. Few glands like pituitary and adrenal have especially high concentrations, but body storage is mainly in the muscles and adipose tissues. However, exact biochemical mechanism of function of Vitamin E is not clearly known, but it has distinct and far reaching effects.

Deficiency of vitamin E

A deficiency of vitamin E in various species of animals results in reproductive failure, macrocytic anaemia and shorter life span of red blood cells. Moreover, vitamin E is beneficial in the treatment of menstrual disorders, the prevention of abortion, the improvement of lactation or cardio vascular diseases.


Recommend Allowances

Requirement of the adult varies from 10 to 30 mg. per day. This may be reduced by antioxidants, such as, ascorbic acid.

Sources of Vitamin Those

The richest sources are the cereal, seed oils such as, wheat gram oil but vitamin E is widely distributed among foods, hence, there is little possibility of its deficiency. Appreciable amounts are present in green leafy vegetables, nuts and legumes. Foods of animal origin are low in vitamin E.


Ordinary cooking except deep fat frying has little effect on Vitamin E.