Short essay on Urban Patterns and Rural Patterns


The most widely differing communities today are the rural and urban communities. The differences are great as shown by the fact that when a city resident goes to live on a farm, without experience, he finds it difficult. Urban and rural difference in the former time were not outstanding but now under the influence of powers villages have grown into cities with the rapid progress in industries and mechanization in farming. The cities came into their being.

It is really very difficult to distinguish between urban life and rural life. Mclver agreeing with these difficulties wrote, “Urban life and rural life are the two different aspects of same place. Since in so many countries the cities as well as villages have participated in the social progress. But their way of making progress is in different spheres. But we cannot outline the difference in between the two exactly. We cannot decide where the village ends and where the city begins. The collection of several farms and the cultivator constitute the village and the villager in the latter time cities. They are rural and urban not as a result of geographical environment.”

There is no difference in any environments as it is in the rural and urban life. The village and urban life are the result of the two different social ideas of life. The aim and object of both the ideas are quite clear. Village life is ancient. There the traditions rule, the customs rule, or it is very difficult the old environments while the village naturally existed and it still lives in nature.


Thus we can realize that it is not easy to distinguish between the rural life and urban life. Ogburn and Nimkoff wrote, “The populations of the city and the village have several specialities e.g. the ratio of birth, family, which are common to both. Gist and Herbert did not find any difference in the two. They say, ‘It is the supposition on the basis of principles to divide community into village and urban. On the contrary it is the division which is not based on social elements.”

Village life is quite distinct from the city life because their basis of the social structure are completely different. The population in the village is limited as there is no scope for business, industry or for the income. Generally the population in the village has been living from their hereditary.

Asa result of this we find the cultural organization among them. There is no division of labour, excess of the economic means and specialization of work in the villages. As a result of these there is a vast difference between the villages and the cities.

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