Games are a part and parcel of education. Games and education must go hand in hand. Education without games is incomplete. A sound mind resides in a sound body. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is admitted on all hands.

Constant pouring over books is hard and weary. It makes a man dull. What a great joy it is to be playing, running and jumping! Games give us the joy of intelligent and energetic action. They keep us physically fit and mentally alert.

Physical fitness is a moral duty. Health is wealth. It is an untold blessing. Can anybody deny it? Games inculcate in us true sportsman spirit. They inspire in us the habit of discipline, the spirit of concerted action and mutual give and take, team spirit and disinterested pride in healthy rivalry.

They foster in us Qualities of self-reliance, honesty, brotherhood presence of mind and coolness of temper. They teach us, “Do not exult in joy and feel depressed in sorrow. Accept the buffets and rewards of fortune with equal thanks.”


They infuse in us a spirit not to hit our adversary below the belt and not to take a mean or undue advantage of our rival. They are a healthy outlet for our super-abundant energy. They afford amusement and recreation and engender cheerfulness of outlook and buoyancy of spirit.

Over-indulgence in games is positively harmful.

“All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy” is pregnant with meaning. Games at the cost of studies are ruinous. Games are good when they are well regulated and played within a reasonable limit. Over-exercise damages our physical and mental system and consequently impairs our health and shortens our life.

To conclude, games within limits have untold advantages. They make us strong and healthy. They help us grow into healthy and upright citizens. They promote international understanding and world peace. Who can deny the value of Olympic games?