Short essay on the role of civil society (India)


The Tenth Plan document emphasized the role of civil society in improving delivery. Conics efforts have since been made to make citizens partners in policymaking and implementation of various programmes. However, despite long debate, two serious lacunae remain. First, cooperatives, are citizens’ enterprises for collective benefit, are still largely state-controlled, despite the freedoms guaranteed in Article 19.

A clear and unambiguous inclusion of the right to form and cooperatives in the Fundamental Rights chapter of our Constitution would liberate them from s fetters, and release the energies and enterprise of millions of ordinary citizens. Societies are large free, thanks to the protection afforded under Article 19 (1) (c). But most voluntary organizations excessively dependant on state funding or foreign donor organization a culture of self-reliance n to be fostered among the vibrant civil society and community-based organizations for this, private indigenous charities need to be encouraged and incentivized.

The debts law allows tax exemption to tune of 50% to most contributions to charitable activities a full tax exemption on such contributions promote self-help and reduce over dependence on state or foreign donors.

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