Short essay on the Republican party and peasants and workers party of India


The Republican Party and the peasants and workers party also deserve attention.

Both the parties are supported by castes in Maharashtra, but at the same the leadership of the parties has tried to broaden their bases by putting forward ideologically trimmed programmes.

The scheduled caste Federation founded by the late Dr. Ambedkar was the fore runner of the Republican Party. The new name of the party was chosen in 1957 after Ambedkar had started a campaign of mass conversion of backward classes from Hinduism to Budhism.


The Republican Party seeks to preserve the legacy of its great leader and continues to defend vehemently the rights of the underprivileged closes.

In spite of its pronounced accent an class struggle the Republican party has succeeded in bringing a large part of oppressed closes under its banner.

Its main area of influence continues to be Maharashtra where it has a solid support of the Mahars, a self assertive group of untouchables. Already during the freedom movement Dr. Ambedkar has championed their cause.

The preference of the Mahars for the left-oriented Republican part is probably influenced by the desire to achieve equality with, the upper classes.


Also the .peasants and workers party has acquired that curious mixture of caste and class complexion. It appeals primarily to the non-Brahmin depressed groups. The orientation of the Party is socialist, surrounded by a mystic aura of communalism.

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