In the past some of the nations had bycotted the Olympic games because of political rivalries and differences but that does not mean that Olympics should be subordinated to political con­siderations. In fact the very spirit of Olympics is needed to remove tension from the world. In fact games, in general, are always help­ful in bringing the nations closer ; it was ping-pong team which ironed out the differences between China and America. Olympic games if taken for their true spirit will foster broader outlook and better understanding among the nations.

When the 160 nations send their players to the Olympics it definitely brings them closer and make them to rise above national and racial differences. One of the serious threats to World peace is that the nations do not understand the problems of other nations because they have some prejudices against other nations. By living together and by thinking of nothing else except games players rise above national barriers and overcome language and racial hurdles. Nobody bothers whether Carl Lewis is a Negro or a white. Similar­ly, nobody hates a great player because he happens to belong to other power bloc. There is no cold war between the Russian and American camp at Seoul. For the international peace, such games are necessary.

Olympic games are played as far as possible in a very fair manner and no foul methods can be adopted by the players. The- persons who lose gold medals by just a little less efforts they never become depressed and take it in a sporting manner. Similarly, the person who wins does not consider himself superior : true spirit of sportsmanship prevails during Olympic games. If this spirit is brought to International politics it will definitely bring peace in the world. At this time the nations do not have sporting spirit, rather they try to exploit the weaknesses of the other nations, as much as it is possible for them.

Olympic games are definitely one of the grandest shows upon earth ; in these games crores of the people and hundreds of the nations are not only physically involved but also emotionally in­volved. As a result of it, they start considering earth a place where the human beings lives and they do not just arrogate themselves because of their great power or their great influence. There is com­petition among the players and among the nations but the com­petitive spirit does not make them warlike. They do take pride in winning medals but that pride does not make them to hate others. Otherwise also Olympic games create better atmosphere all over the world.