Short essay on the Pleasure of Reading


Essay on the Pleasure of Reading


Once, during an interview with, a foreign journalist, Lokmany Tilak said that he was ready to reside even in hell if it could provide him with sufficient reading material and reading time.


Condition of reading: Reading can be possible only when there is a script, that is, something Written. There was a time when the blind could not read, but now even they can read with the help of Braille.

Pleasure explained:

Sense organs convey any feelings or stimuli to the mind. If such feelings and stimuli are agreeable to the mind, they are pleasure. Otherwise, they are painful.

Reading and pleasure: Reading is the act which more directly stimulates the mind. Reading is to the mid what food is to the body.


Reading as recreation:

Reading is an excellent form of recreation as it involves the mind with various kinds of stories (long or short), poems, plays (drama), comedies, jokes, news, thrills, suspense and various other things.

Accumulated knowledge devoured:

The accumulated knowledge of mankind is available in written and printed form. By – reading it, one feels that hidden treasure of someone has been presented before one.


Pleasure of learning new things:

Learning, even knowing, new things, places or persons always gives a great pleasure. By reading, one can know or learn many things within a very short time, e.g. by devoting only a few hours on “My Experiments with Truth”, you can know the whole life of Mahatma Gandhi. Reading opens a whole new world to the reader.

Benefits of reading:

Reading enlightens, enriches and educates… No person, therefore, should be deprived of the benefits and pleasures of reading… Reading should be encouraged right from childhood. But today reading is not possible for every person. Why? Poverty, lack of time, reading now a costly affair, prevailing social and political conditions, growth of television culture…


Social responsibility:

That everybody should be able to read is a social responsibility because of great benefits and effects of reading… Facilities of basic education, libraries, etc. should be extended to all people. Mobile libraries, lending libraries and voluntary organizations can go a long way.


Down the, ages human being have been enjoying the pleasures of reading. Man has been adding, and enlarging the list of his pleasures but the pleasure of reading has always been the most constant. Of course, the revolution – in electronic media has tilted human mind towards TV and other things but even that one cannot enjoy to the full if one is denied the pleasures of reading.

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