Short Essay on the Person I Hate Most


I hate Mr. Rawan like anything. He is a mean, contemptible fellow. He is quite illiterate. He goes about deceiving everybody. He is a swindler and notorious smuggler. He has been to jail several times. He is dead to all sense of shame.

He is very talkative. He often talks tall and freely indulges in self-praise. He talks ill of others behind their back. He is very selfish. He is a liar. He enjoys nobody’s confidence. He beats small children. He does not obey his parents and elders.

He openly defies them. He has no respect for ladies. He is a man of loose morals. He has no scruples. He is up to anything. He once promised to give evidence in favour of one of his friends but when time came, he backed out of his promise.


He indulges in black-marketing. He has no love for his motherland. He lacks civic sense. He throws rubbish and garbage in front of his neighbour’s house. He is very quarrelsome and picks up a quarrel with everybody over trifles.

He is not at all sociable. He does not extend a helping hand even to his relatives and friends in trouble. He laughs at the miseries and troubles of others. He cuts jokes with everybody, in season and out of season.

Once he was caught travelling without a ticket. He was caught by the train ticket examiner at Ambala. He was fined and the magistrate sentenced him to one month’s simple imprisonment, with a fine of Rs. 50. Thus he brought a slur to his parents.

He evades paying taxes. He always furnishes to the Government false statements regarding his income. He never thinks and acts on a higher plane. He never does anything worthy of a gentleman. He is seldom fair and square in his dealings with others. He makes money by foul means.


One must avoid such a rogue.

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