Short essay on the Panchayati Raj


The panchatyat Raj meeting of are members of the Gram Sabha. Tenure of the Sabha is held at every three month Sabha elect is five years. Members of these representatives from among themselves. The number number of differ from state to state. In Bihar the

Village Panchayat

Village Court (Nyaya Panchayat)-Village court has been established for providing speedy justice and for resolving minor disputes of the villages. There is one village court for a number of villages Panchayat. Each Village Panchayat elects some members to , village court. The Village court is headed by a Sarpanch. The members of the court are called Panchs. Their main function is to and decide minor civil and criminal cases. The Panchs and sarpanch are elected for five years.


Village security group

This organ of the Panchayat is mainly concerned with the security of the village. Persons of the age group 18-30 are the members of this organ. Dalpati heads the village security group. He is appointed by the Mukhia in consultation with Gram Sabha.

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