Short essay on the need of birth control

The problem of uncontrolled increase in population, particularly in devel­oping countries is indeed enormous. Overpopulation brings into naught all efforts to increase the standard of living. Medicare facilities, drinking water supply, dwelling houses, and all the basic necessities of life become totally inadequate. Pauncity of housing and poverty leads to slum dwell­ing. With no sanitation facilities and too many people in too small a place leads to the emergence of epidemics. Sociologically the problems caused by population increase are many- education and employment will be want­ing, unemployment and illiteracy leads to frustration and ultimately people turn to criminal activities.

Further, even within a family, if there are many children, they will not get adequate attention, nourishment and education. When such a dissatisfied child grows into an adult he will be a problem in society. On the other hand a small family will be a nucleus of happiness. Hence population control is a must for any country and more so far a developing country like India.

Indian population has increased enormously and while it is the 5th largest country in the world in terms of geographic area, in terms of population it is second. It has been estimated that every year India adds on to the popu­lation as many human beings as there are in Australia.


This increase in population if remains unchecked will bring (it has already brought) untold miseries. Hence planned growth of population at the society level and planned growth of family at the individual level is a must. This is called family planning or birth control.