Short essay on the life of villagers


The villages have to depend upon each other for the fulfillment of their requirements, there is little difference in their standards of living and earning. So they are closely related and united. In the cities a man is member of so many institutions. So he cannot establish close relations. Social behaviours, interest, aim, standard of living and earning creates obstacles in the closeness in cities.

In the villages the population being limited and work being limited, individual relations among them is easy. In the absence of a monetary system or man knows his neighbour very easily. But the monetary system in villages makes a man selfish.

A man minds his work; he does not care for man. If he does not do his work sincerely he has to leave his job. As a result of this he sacrifices the individual relations and minds his progress. Villagers are sympathetic to one another. In the city a man is related to so many types of people. So he believes in the mutual show of facilities and courtesy. He recognizes as many as a self moving machine. Owing to T. V. radio, newspaper and cinema a man is changing himself from living to machine.


The life of villagers is out of social tolerance their individual ideas are narrow and they never invite the idea against their traditional ideas. While a man in the city is tolerant. He tolerates the new arrival of idea into his environment.

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