Legislative Council (Vidhan Parishad) is also known as the upper, House. Like Rajya Sabha it is also a permanent house which cannot be dissolved. The total number of members of Legislative Council of a State Council of Ministers is formed by the Governor of the state the advice of the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister chairs the The Council of Ministers is collectively responsible to the Legislate Assembly. The Chief Minister is the leader of the House which is responsible for the administration, executive and legislative policies of the state. chief minister


Following qualifications are must for being elected for the Legislative Council :


1. He must be a citizen of India.

2. He must not be less than 30 years of age.

3. He must not hold office of profit under the government.



The Legislative council enjoys a term of six years with one-third of its members retiring every two years.

Chairman and Vice-Chairman

The council elects a chairman and a vice-chairman from amongst its members to run the House smoothly.