The Assembly is composed of members chosen by direct election. The only exception of this rule is the representation of the Anglo-Indian community. If no member of that community secures election to the Assembly the Governor is empowered to nominate one or more members on behalf of it as members of the Assembly.

The Constitution has fixed a maximum number of 500 members for any State Assembly and a minimum of 60 members. 1 For purpose of the election, the State is divided into as many territorial constituencies as there are seats in the Assembly.

As far as possible, the ratio between the population of each constituency and the number of seats allotted to it will be the same throughout the State. At the end of each decennial census, the constituencies will be recast to make the necessary adjustments to meet the variations in population.

At present, the number of members in each State Legislative Assembly may be seen from Table 9 which contains the figures both before and after the reorganisation of States in 1956.