Short essay on the Growing Energy Needs (India)


Energy plays a key role in the process of economic growth of a nation. The industrial development of any country is dependent on the organised development of its power resources’.

Energy is also indispensable for agriculture, transport, business and domestic requirements. In fact, electricity has such a wide range of applications in modern economic development that its per capita consumption is, to a great extent, an index of the material advancement of the country.

Energy is the capacity for doing useful work. It is an essential input for economic growth. This energy is used in the form of electrical energy, thermal energy, light, mechanical energy and chemical energy etc.


Energy is measured in joules in Si units. The annual per capita energy consumption in developed countries ranges from 5 to 11 kW whereas in the developing countries it is between 1 to 1.5 KW Only

Uses of Energy

1. Energy is a primary input in any industrial operation.

2. It is also a major input in sectors such as commerce, transport, tele-communications etc.


3. The wide range of services required in the household and industrial sectors.

4. Owing to the far-reaching changes in the forms of energy and their respective roles in supporting human activities, research and training on various aspects of energy and environment have assumed great significance.

Sources of Energy

An energy resource is a natural resource from which useful work can be obtained. Energy resources are broadly classified as primary and secondary.

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