Short essay on The Eclectic Curriculum


Although some schools have decided to adopt, in its entirety, one of the curriculum models we have described, it is far more common for schools to design an eclectic curriculum in which several models are featured.

Thus mixture can be offered as units within a required program of physical education or as elective courses. Some high schools have chosen to designate parts of their curriculum as required and other parts as elective.

A common model for schools is to require a fitness course for all students and then to allow students to choose electives to complete the physical-education requirements. The electives might include more fitness courses, adventure courses, sports courses, or social-development courses.


The physical-education curriculum in the elementary school and in the middle school is more often a standard program required of all students.

Even here, however, it is increasingly common to find teachers or school districts arranging a yearly program that includes attention to fitness, sports development, social development, movement education, and adventure.

Most often, these programs look very much like the multi activity program described earlier; only the activities themselves sometimes differ. Some schools promote the fact that they offer a large number of activities within an eclectic model.

However, offering a large variety of activities does not, in and itself, ensure a good program. Quantity should not be confused with quality.

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