Though feudalism served the needs of time, it suffered from serious shortcomings. In the first place it hampered the growth of a strong central government. Some of the feudal lords grew so powerful that they hardly bothered about the king.

They maintained their own armies and minted their own money. Secondly, feudalism perpetuated Class distinction because the fiefs were not granted on the basis of merit but on hereditary basis.

Further, the lot of the serfs was very miserable and they suffered from disabilities and indignities. Thirdly, feudalism led to frequent wars. These wars took place between the King and the rebellious tenants as well as between the lords themselves. As a result of these wars the common people and peasants suffered a great deal. Often their crops were destroyed, their houses burnt and cattle slaughtered. These wars continued to be a regular feature till powerful kings emerged. Finally, during this period education, literature and fine arts were greatly neglected because greatest premium was given to the fighting spirit of the knights.