Short essay on the craze for foreign education


Higher education in universities abroad is of highly variable standard. There is no comparison between Ivy from Harvard University or MIT and some place in mid-west US. Because of today’s world of internet and IT revolution, when information is easily available and every subject taught in India can be supplemented with inputs from the internet, the advantage of having access to foreign libraries has been considerably reduced.

The foreign tag actually leaves the aspirant at a lower level in the corporate world. Parents harbored another hope that foreign qualifications will enable their wards to get a high profile job in a Multi National Company or even abroad.

Meanwhile parents do not realize that a huge amount of foreign exchange, which is bought from their hard earned savings, is transferred to foreign educational institutions, and it may also be possible that their standard may not be any way better to Indian universities. These foreign universities are cashing in on higher disposable incomes of many Indians today for their craze for foreign degrees.


These Foreign universities advertise profusely in Indian newspapers, as India is a great recruiting ground for filling their faculties.

They know the family system in India, these institutions know that there is a closely support family network so flow of money will not be a problem. A patent borrow from relatives, friends, and banks or from their own provident fund accounts and saves every single rupees to fulfill the dream of getting their children foreign education.

They live in a fold paradise in a hope that when their children will come back they will be able to recover the lakhs spent on him. But only few can be selected into big jobs.

Another problem attached with foreign education, attitudes change must fast and expectations are raised. These foreign educated persons are often reluctant to take that jobs which their local counterparts gladly accept. In this situation the parents and their foreign returned children are frustrated. The list of Indians educated in India, and occupying key positions in the corporate sector, media and business, also adds to their frustration.


Without a Green Card it is not possible to get absorbed in the corporate sector in the US. Because it requires the employer to certify that there is no suitable American candidate, which can be accommodated to fit the job description and hence the chosen is the best available. Doctors and lawyers have already formed a formidable challenge in America.

Now only Indians, who are American citizens, can aspire to get in. Indians with Indians degrees are getting fabulous job abroad in the info-tech sector.

Now-a-days we can see that return flow of a person who went abroad to study and took the foreign nationality is increasing. Even the professional like doctors are returning back, as they can earn an equivalent amounts in India without the feeling of discrimination.

It is also the feeling that home is after all a home. The India has changed very much when they left India. So it is the feeling of those who are in foreign countries to return to their motherland.

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