Short essay on the Classification of Climate


The fundamental elements of weather and climate were discussed. But the combined effects of these variations in different parts of the world were not investigated.

Because of the interplay between the various climatic controls many variations in the climate exist, even within a given latitude zone.

Since the number of combinations of different climatic controls is very large, every location on the earth’s surface has a distinctive climate.


In fact, it would be impossible to describe the unique climatic characteristics of innumerable different locations on our planet.

There are five objectives which the ideal climatic classification system would attempt to achieve. First, it tries to clearly differentiate among all the major types of climates found on the earth. Second, it shows the relationship among these types. Third, it applies to the whole world. Fourth, it provides a framework for further subdivision to cover specific locales. And finally, the perfect climate classification system could demonstrate the factors that cause any particular climate.

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