Short Essay on Telephone – A Scientific Device


“Hello! How are you dad, I am Lovely from Canada”. And the conversation goes on. Telephone is dominating channel for communication now-a-days. It links the far – off kinds and provides the warmth of love and affection. It is further developing to be an important link for business and passing of the information’s from one place to another.

The primitive phones presented a slack and time-consuming service in the past. Booking a call in the morning and materializing it by night, was the usual practice. Over these phones, the talks could be heard three houses away. The process lost privacy. People preferred to communicate by telegrams or reply paid telegrams. The process was as much complicated and problematic as if the message was to be passed on the overseas destination. It was through wireless system and entire passing was possible on fixed timings only. Hence the effects were more serious for export trade where most of the orders were time – barred and were cancelled frequently. In the same way, overseas relations were not in positions to get the home news regularly.

The actual revolution started when satellite service was introduced successfully and telephone connection was made through them. Modern era is firstly moving towards telephones, cellular phones, internet and other means of communication. The technical improvements have facilitated brisk and easy means of communication. New connections were distributed at ‘demand-service’ speed. The waiting period was reduced to nil. Besides the land-line, the systematized mobile service and attachment of cordless phones were made available. This facilitated easy service for interaction.


Telephones are although a unique boon of sound science but it still has some problems sticking to its smooth working. Taping of phones creates a major gap in its working. Although it is more in case of political leaders but the impact is more fear for everybody. The continuous ringer of the disturb the owners in a worst possible manner. Sometimes the wrong calls draw the owners from bathrooms and bed rooms and disturbs the settings. The class four staff and line boys are substituted by bad elements and they commit severe crime with users. Sometimes telephones cause noise pollution. Keeping mobile phone instrument near the chest may affect the heart. People are usually advised to keep the mobile tucked on to the belt.

Despite the problems in use, telephone has a bright working future in India. The introduction of news service, SMS and other important services will make it more popular. Telecommunication is fast replacing the writing of letters and it is helping to speed the business aspects in developing nations.

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