India is proud of Netaji Subhashh Chandra Bose. He was a patriot, a revolutionary figure like Rana Pratap. Netaji was born on 23rd January, 1897, at Cuttack in Orissa. His father, Janakinath Bose was a Government lawyer at the Cuttack District Court. He was a noble and talented lawyer.

Subhashh was given early education first at the Anglo-Indian School and then at Ravenshaw Collegiate School at Cuttack up to Matriculation. He was matriculated in 1913. Then he studied in the famous Presidency College, Calcutta. He graduated with 1st class Honours in Philosophy from the Scottish Church College.

Subhash Chandra Bose was an ambitious young man. He went to England to compete for the I.C.S.Examination; He occupied the fourth position among the successful candidates in this difficult examination. He came back to India.

At that time the Non-co-operation Movement had started in India. Like others, Subhash too joined this movement. He was deeply influenced by Desabandhu Chittaranjan Das. He fought against the British rule.


In 1938 and 1939, Subhash Chandra Bose was elected the President of the National Congress. But he left Congress in 1939 as he had differences with Mahatma Gandhi. He maintained progressive views while Gandhiji put emphasis on non-violence. He then formed Forward Block which became a very powerful party. He knew that Gandhiji’s policy of non-violence would not remove the British Government from India. He wanted the help of a big power to fight the British rule. So he left India in disguise and went to Germany.

He founded the Indian National Army there with the Indian Prisoners of war. But the German dictator Hitler disappointed him. He then came to Japan by sea. There he ‘was called “Netaji”. There he gave the slogan “Delhi Chalo” (March to Delhi). Under his active leadership, the INA soldiers marched up to Manipur through Burma. He got the help from Japan to form Azad Hind Fauz.

There was a fierce fight between the patriotic soldiers and the Anglo-American Forces. Netaji was sure to win. But an unfortunate thing happened. Japan surrendered to the Anglo-America Block of powers. Netaji was bound to-surrender. He left for Tokyo in a plane. B” the plane met a crash on the Inland of Formosa. Netaji was reported killed in that plane accident.

Netaji’s heroism and adventurous spirit will inspire the millions of young persons in India.