Short essay on Standard Practices, Policies, and Controlling


Controlling is the process of assessing performance and outcomes on the basis of established criteria. These criteria consist of hopes and plans articulated in the form of goals, policies, and standard practices.

If the plans have been carefully laid, the policies thoughtfully formulated, and the standard practices meticulously followed, the results should approach or even exceed expectations.

Policies and standard practices, in situations where the persons involved in implementation have also had an important role in their formulation, serve as guidelines and instructions for almost every phase of the operation.


Individuals who feel that these were arrived at democratically and are soundly conceived will generally work energetically and enthusiastically to see that they are followed.

Basic policies in physical education and athletics should emphasize the key role of the students in education. The governing factor in many important decisions should be “the most good for the most students.”

This idea can be formulated as a statement of policy and can be formulated as a statement of policy and can be used as a yardstick in the evaluation of the program. If inordinate attention is given the talented student, the great musician, or the star athlete, it may be noted as a weakness.

Disproportionate importance attached to special education for the handicapped, with too little energy and resources for other aspects of the program will also be considered in the process of controlling.


If the two extremes, the talented and the handicapped, are given so much consideration that there is little left for the middle eighty percent, this too will be seen as a flaw. It careful thought is given to the basic policy ally segments of the student body will receive consideration.

Personnel policies may include a statement to the effect that there will be no discrimination in employment or compensation on the basis of sex, race, or religion. Standard practices will spell out procedures for implementing that policy and evaluative steps for determining compliance.

A departmental policy may state that in the conduct of athletics the health and safety of the athletes are of primary concern. Standard practices may consist of instructions in case of injury and safety procedures to prevent accidents.

It becomes obvious that policies and standard practices are indispensable to the processes of evaluating and controlling and are necessary for a sound administration.

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