The satavahanas or andharas:

With the fall of the great Mauryan empire, the political unity the country also broke up. The Satavahanas or the Andharas became independent in the south. The Satavahanas were ancient Dravid; people of the south and occupied the country between the it) Krishna and Godavari.

Simuka founded the Satavahanas kingdom in 28 BC. Gautamipi Satkarni was the greatest ruler of this dynasty and ruled from 106 to 130 AD. The last ruler of this dynasty was Yagna Sri Satkarni who ruled from 165 AD to 194 AD. After his death the Satavahana dynasty? declined and came to an end in 220 AD.

pandyas kingdom:


This kingdom occupied southernmost and south-eastern portion of the Indian Peninsula. Medunchezhyan was the greatest ruler of this dynasty. Brahmanas enjoyed considerable influence. Kings performed Vedic sacrifices.

cheras kingdom:

The Cheras kingdom comprised Malabar, Cochin and modern Travancore. Medumeral Adam was one of the greatest Cheras rulers .They have contacts with Rome and Egypts.

cholas kingdom:


This kingdom was situated at the north-east of Pandya kingdom between the Pennar and Vellur river. During the second century BC chola king named earlap conquered Sri Lanka. Karaikla was one of the famous kings of this dynasty

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