India is a big country. It has a secular tradition. The people of all religions, languages, colors and creeds live together. It is a pluralistic society. But people do not share their experiences in many fields of social activity. There is no sanity in the society because various religious communities are opposed to each other each religion has its own ritual.

The people of a particular religion often hate the people of other religions. There are fundamentalists who create various blasphemous precepts in the society. Disturbance takes place due to such fundamental approach to things.

India has a rich and profound cultural heritage. It has developed a common culture yet such a culture is not commonly shared. People belonging to different communities and religions do not come together to sit and eat. They have not developed a common art or literature.

For example, the people of different communities do not sing, dance or worship together. Of course there are certain instances of common worship but they are rare. There are no common festivities. People have alienated from sharing common feasts and common activities.


There is a big consumer market in India. The people even consume art but do not share it. For example, in a melody party, a few people sing, act and play on music. But a large number of people of that group remain detached from that experience of art. Gradually, an atomistic society is going to be formed because art has become individualistic, there is no common feast or merry-making and so on.

There are some primitive tribes living in different parts of India. They are illiterate and live in jungles and forests but they have developed a community feeling. They are the tribal people who have their common feasts and ceremonies.

They have developed a common culture in which they sing and dance together. They are mentally healthy and culturally sound. They lead a culturally better life than the people of the city. They have no sense of alienation.

In India religious fundamentalism is posing a strict check in the rise of common culture and commonly shared artistic experience.