Short essay on Reserves of Natural Gas in India


In India the exploration and production of natural gas are done by ONGC and OIL. According to one estimate (1982) India has total natural gas reserve of 436 billion cubic meters, of which 331 billion cubic m lies in the Bombay High, 88 billion cu m in Assam and 16 billion cu m in Gujarat.

Latest estimate (January 1992) has reported 725 billion cu m of gas reserves (about 0.5% of the world reserve). At the present level of consumption this reserve is expected to last for about 41 years. The highest concentration of natural gas reservoir is found in the Bombay High and Bassein oil fields. Here L.II, L.III, Neelam Mukhta and Panna areas contain good reserves of natural gas. Jagatia and Gogha in Gujarat; Nahorkatiya and Moran fields in Assam; Neypaltur, Mangamadam (Thanjavur district), Avadi and Virugambakam (Shingleput district ) in Tamil Nadu; Baranura and Atharnure ranges in Tripura; Barmer and Charaswala in Rajasthan: Non-Chick, Miao Pung, Laptang Pung areas in Arunachal Pradesh; Jwalamukhi and Kangra in Himachal Pradesh; Firozpur district in Punjab; Mausar Maradpur areas in Jammu and Kashmir and Medinipur in West Bengal are other areas where natural gas reserves have been discovered. Recently huge gas reserves (about 38 TCF) have been discovered by the ReliĀ­ance Industries, ONGC and Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation in the Krishra-Godavari Basin.

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