In the Rashtrakuta empire, the worship of Siva and Vishnu was prevalent and epigraphs contain frequent references to these deities. Rashtrakuta seals show either Siva or Garuda, vahana of Vishnu, seated in a posture of yoga. Brahmanical sacrifices were performed quite often.

Buddhism had declined during this period and was centred round Kanheri. Jainism, though not exactly flourishing, had its adherents; Amoghavarsha I, Indra IV, Krishna II and Indra III were the patrons of the Jaina faith. Actually, the Jainas claim that Amogha was one of the most ardent followers of the faith. But there is nothing to indicate that he abandoned the Brahmanical religion and became a Jaina.

Temples were constructed for purposes of worship, the Dravida type temple dedicated to Jaina worship built at Pattadakal is specially notable. There are life-size sculptures similar to those seen in the Indra Sabha at Ellora in the Pattadakal temple. It was built during the reign of Amoghavarsha I.

However, the Rashtrakuta genius for Dravida type temple construction found its expression in the Kailasa temple at Ellora, unparalleled anywhere else,