Short Essay on Persian Works of Bahamini Rulers


Some of the important histories written under the patronages of the Bahmani Sultans such as Sirajut Tawarikh by Muhammad Lari, Tuhfatus Salatin by Mulla Dawud of Bidar and Tarika-i-Muhammad Shahi of Mulla Abdul Karim Hamadani are now extant. But they have been incorporated by Firishta and Tabataba in their works.

A number of works were produced on Sufism and mysticism. The great saint Banda Nawaz wrote a number of works including Kitab-ul-Khatima, Jawami-ul-Kalim, and Amsarul Asrar. Mahmud Gawan was a great writer and his works Manazirul-Insha and Riyaz-ul- Insha are very famous.

The former is a treatise on the art of Persian epistolography while the latter is a collection of letters written by Gawan and Bahmani sultans to kings, scholars, poets and other eminent persons. A Sanskrit work on veterinary science was translated into Persian and was entitled Tarjma-i-Salhutar.



Bahmani kings were great patrons of Arabic literature. Some of the eminent scholars who flourished under their patronage were Sadrush Sharif Samarqandi, Muhammad Badakshi, Shaikh Burhan-ud-din, and Shaikh Siraj-ud-din Junadi.

Firuz Shah was himself a scholar of Arabic and used to give lectures on logic, mathematics, geometry, etc. Banda Nawaz wrote a number of works in Arabic particularly a commentary on Quran which was given the title Ummul Madni, besides glosses on Tafsir Kashshaf and Mashariqu-l-Anwar.

Shaikh Ala-ud-din had several works to his credit. Some of them were Fiqh Makhdumi, Tafsir-i- Mahaimi, Addilat-ul-Tawhid, etc., Mahmud Gawan was himsellf a scholar of Arabic. His letters contain many Arabic verses.

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