Short Essay on Patronage of Persian Language of Qutb Shahi Rulers


Qutb Shahi rulers did not confine their patronage to Urdu and Telugu but also extended to other languages such as Persian and Arabic. The first Persian work of the period of Sultan Quli which deserves mention is Marghul-ul-Qulul by Hasan Tibbisi. He followed it up by Saidiyah or “The Book of the Game”, in Ibrahim’s reign. Haji of Abarquh composed a Diwan.

Abdullah’s court was the rendezvous of scholars. Foremost among them was Muhammad Ibn Khatun who rose to the position of Peshva. His well-known works are Jamia-i-Abbasi and Sharah Irshad. Muhammad Husain Burhan completed Burhani-i-Qati while Nizam-ud-din, Saidi completed Hadaiqatus Salatin.

Many scholars from distant lands flocked to Ibrahim’s court. Some of them were Khaitullah, the story teller, Khalqi Shustari, Professor in Dar-us-Shifa and Mir Fazlullah Shirazi. Not many works were produced during the reign of Abul Hasan due to lack of patronage. Hadaiqi-us-Salatn or Garden of kings by Ali-bin-Taifur Bustami is only work of some value.


Mir Muhammad Mumin was the foremost Persian scholar during the reign of Sultan Muhammad. He wrote a number of works including Risala-i-Miqdariyah and kasirul Miamin.

Tarikh-i-Muhammad Qutb Shahi an abridged version of the large work was completed during his reign. This history was brought up to the reign of the Sultan by Abdullah in his well-known work “Maasir-i-Qutb Shahi”.

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