The name of our school is Rama Krishna Public School. It is in Sainkpuri, nearly 15 kilometers away from Hyderabad. The school is built in a vast open area. It has a building with 20 class rooms, all library, a laboratory, an extensive play area, a staff room and a headmaster’s room. There is a beautiful garden in front of our school. We get fresh air and good light in our class rooms. The school and its surroundings are grand.

There are about 500 students, out of whom nearly 150 are girls, it is a co-educational school. There is no hostel. All of us are day scholars. The school has classes VI to X, with a number of sections in each class. Each class has about 30 to 40 students. The school starts at 10.00 a.m. and works up to 4.30 p.m. We have about 50 teachers in the school. The school starts exactly at 10.00 a.m. with a prayer. All the members of staff and the students are punctual.

We are taught three languages, arithmetic, two sciences and social studies. In addition, there are co-curricular activities like essay writing, debates, quiz programmes etc. There are also extra curricular activities like drama, music and dance in which we all take part. In the evenings it is compulsory for all boys and girls to attend physical education classes. We play football, cricket, and hockey and addition to many indoor games. Our playgrounds are clean and good.

There is a good library in our school which has many books in Telugu, English and Hindi. We read many books, newspapers and magazines in our library. We have separate laboratories for physical and biological sciences. Our science teachers help us to do practicals in science. We have computers, radios and also a T.V. to help us to know latest things in science and technology. We have a good Science Club and a museum too in our school. We have unit tests, evaluation, and monthly test, quarterly and half yearly examinations before we face the annual examination. Our progress is evaluated throughout the year.


Our students take part in the various completions held in sports, literary and cultural activities at the district level and the State level. Some of our students are State level players and gold medal winners in literary and cultural competitions at the State Level. We go out on excursions. We always score the first few ranks in the seventh class and tenth class public examinations. Every year our school produces 100% results. We have nearly half-a-dozen teachers. All national days are celebrated in our school.

In the school campus we live like brothers and sisters. There is a spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship. There is no problem of indiscipline as every one of us observes self-discipline.

Our headmaster is a very learned person who treats us as his children. Our school motto is “Look up Aim high”. All of us try to reach higher and higher. We are proud of our school.