Short essay on our Environment


Our environment is a system of interaction between the natural system and the social system for meeting. Our human needs and wants are dependent on the biophysical environment, which is governed by a set of sovereign immutable laws. This will enable us to make a rational and appropriate use of environmental resources for suitable development.

The word ‘Envoronment’ has originated from French word environ, means surroundings and “ment” means the actioning. The term ‘environment’ etymologically means surroundings. According to the committee on Environmental Health Association of America, environment comprises the surroundings in which man lives, works and plays.

It encompasses the air he breathes, the water he drinks, the food he consumes and the shelter he provides for his protection against the elements. It also includes the pollutants and other detrimental environmental factors which adversely affect his life and health environment is the sum total of abiotic and biotic conditions influencing the response of a particular organism.”


According to Osting, “The environment is a complex of variable factors or causes, which includes (i) substances (soil, water), (ii) conditions (temperature, light), (iii) forces (wind, gravity), (iv) organisms (plant, animals), and (v) time.

We can say environment is surrounding in which living live. The environment for any living organism cannot be constant. It is dynamic and changes according to time and place. The effect of change in environment may be beneficial or harmful to organism living in it.

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