Short essay on Municipal Corporation


The local body of a big city is called Nagar Nigam or Maher Nagar Palikir or Municipal Corporation. There are more than fifty municipal corporations in our country.


Municipal Corporation is divided into so many Lards. Members of the Municipal Corporation are elected by the adult members of the city. Elected members are known as Ward Councilors. The numbers of ward councilors differ from city to city or the population of the city. Ward councilors elect one Mayor or Mahapaur and one deputy mayor or Up-mahapaur from among themselves. They are elected for a period of one year. These members ,elect special members called the aldermen. These aldermen are generally experienced and respected men of the city.


The day to day work of a municipal corporation is looked after by various committees.

Every Municipal Corporation has a chief executive officer who is called municipal commissioner. He is appointed by the state government. He acts as a link between the municipal corporation and the state government.

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